About the project

It is an exciting time for the local community with the planning underway for the New Bankstown Hospital.

Why do we need a new hospital?

By 2036, the local government area is expected to grow by about 21 per cent to nearly half-a-million people. To meet the growing healthcare needs of the community, the existing hospital needs a major expansion. 

We need a site with space for a range of health services which can better serve the needs of our community into the future.
A new site will give us more opportunities for research and education, which will also help attract new staff and provide more local and diverse job opportunities.

The new hospital will:
  • Transform the delivery of healthcare in Bankstown and its surrounding suburbs
  • Give local and nearby residents access to more health services closer to home
  • Offer an improved experience for patients and carers by creating a ‘health neighbourhood’ for integrated health care
  • Deliver contemporary working environments and create new career opportunities through an increased capacity for research education and training.

New hospital services

 The scope for the New Bankstown Hospital will be determined through the planning process, and is expected to include: 
  • Expanded emergency services
  • Intensive care
  • Surgery and interventional procedures
  • Women’s and Children’s Health
  • Rehabilitation
  • Aged health
  • Mental health
  • Cancer services
  • Ambulatory care services
  • Community Health Services.

Where are we up to?

  • A Clinical Services Plan is currently being finalised, detailing the new hospital’s services and examining the use of new technologies including virtual care.
  • A new hospital site will be announced soon.
  • Project User Groups (PUGs) are underway. PUGs are the key step in the consultation process for the design of the new hospital building. See our latest project update here.
  • For more information about how we plan and build a hospital, visit https://www.hinfra.health.nsw.gov.au/projects/how-to-build-a-hospital

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