Frequently Asked Questions

Planning is underway for the new hospital. Construction timeframes will be confirmed once the planning is further progressed.
For more information about how we plan and build a hospital, visit How to Build a Hospital.
Yes, in fact staff are already involved in the planning. In December 2021, we held a vision workshop for about 60 staff and stakeholders, and we currently have 26 project user groups working on the concepts for each department, looking at everything from intensive care units to kitchens.
There are more than 100 staff representatives directly involved in planning. These staff representatives work with our planners, and with their hospital colleagues, to share ideas and information, and make decisions about each part of the hospital from the front of house to the patient wards.
All staff workshops (for staff not directly involved in project user groups) were held in early 2022 and consultation will continue throughout the project.
There will also be working groups for sustainability, arts in health and other key areas which have an impact on the whole-of-hospital design.
Yes, if you are a patient, carer or community member, there will be ample opportunities to have your say and get involved. Every hospital department which provides direct patient care has a consumer representative on the planning group. This ensures that the views of patients and carers are part of the planning process and can influence the final design. In the future, there will also be opportunities to comment on the design and planning, and get involved in other projects including arts and cultural projects.
The new site will include parking to meet the needs of the hospital.